Sunday, October 9, 2011

I have a new love...quilting!!

This quilt was the first one that I had completed. It was a Christmas gift for my mother, who loves hearts, last year.  I found the pattern at my favorite site Moda Bake Shop It's called Charming Hearts and was created by one of my favorite bloggers JeraNow, if you compare her quilt with mine you might notice some mistakes changes. Like I said it was my first quilt... I didn't realize, when placing the cut out hearts onto my white squares, that the square was to be sew in the diamond position, not a square! I was about halfway done with the quilt when i noticed this mistake. There was no going back now!
See that sideways heart here on the left? Yeah, that was another mistake that I never noticed till my mother opened up her gift! I was so mad at myself for it. But my sister and mother loved it. They said that it gave it a "wonky, and personal touch". I'm still sick over it. 
I was very proud of myself for creating a pieced backing using some left over pieces!
My mother had bought a, new to her, longarm quilting machine and couldn't wait to use it. So, I let her put it all together. So, I know I have been critical of my first quilt, but I am still pretty please with how it came out!

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