Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sophie's quilt

Here is a picture of the quilt that I made for my niece, Sophia. She had seen some pictures of my quilts, that I posted on facebook, and said to here mom that she wanted one. So I asked her mother what her favorite colors are. I got a bunch of 1/2 yard prints and a solid green. Cut them up into charm sized blocks, 5x5's, and sewed them together.

I did an all over meandering loops. But on some of the plain green blocks I did words and pictures. This one has a freehand first time doing this mind you.

On this block I "wrote" her name. I wrote the words out first with my disappearing pen then sewed over it.Here we have the word "family". I also wrote; love, silly, laugh, joy, and then did some blocks with hearts in them. This was so fun to do. I have now decided that any quilt I make I am going to stitch a word somewhere on the quilt. This will be my little signature. Do you do anything like that on your quilts?And here is Sophie so surprised and excited about her quilt. She is pointing to the label on the back that says "made for you by Kerri Horne". She thought that was pretty cool that I have my own label!!

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