Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I will not start a new quilt, I will not start a new quilt...

I have a little confession....I am becoming a fabric hoarder!This is just some of my stash.

I have about 25-30 fat quarters that I have collected for various quilts, and I have more fabric that I have ordered online, that is en route! I have even joined Rachel's quilt along. But I have to tell myself that before I start a new project I have to get all of these..

finished first.  Some of these just need bindings, one is half stippled, and two of these only have the top done. But it's so hard to finish up my almost done quilts, when I have all that beautiful fabric waiting to be created into something new! Do you have this problem? Do you give in, or are you good about finishing up what you are working on? I'm going to do my best to finish these quilts first before I start ANY new ones!  I hope...stay tuned to see if I do

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