Saturday, April 7, 2012

No sewing for 2 week!!!

Things have been so crazy, and happening so fast over these last two weeks. It all started 2 Sunday's ago, when my youngest son was away with his Grandparents. So, can you guess what I did?...... Yup you guessed it, I sewed. I worked on finishing up the binding on Jamie's quilt, doing the hands stitching part. Since my little fella was not home I could watch what ever I wanted! HGTV is always my first choice. Well, after watching 4 Property Virgins, 3 My First Place, and some DIY shows, it got my wheels a turning. I hopped on the computer and looked up houses in our area...just for the heck of it. Well, that was a mistake (wink, wink). I found the cutest house! Long story shortened...hubby liked it, we went and looked at it, and now our house is up for sale in hopes of buying the other one!!! So these last 2 weeks I have been gutting out all the crap that has accumulated over the last 8 years, packed up some things, and cleaned like a crazy woman, so that it would be all ready to go on the market.

During this time I was unable to sew, insert very sad pathetic puppy face! I sew every night, wether it be just 10 minutes or 3 hours, cutting up fabric or pinning pieces, every night I am doing something related to sewing!! Sewing at night is my release, my let down time, my ME time! I had been so tired every night after all the packing, cleaning, and organizing, that I would crawl into bed and just gaze at my sewing area, so wanting to be doing something, but so tired that I just couldn't.

Well, yesterday I was able to get out of work early, picked up my oldest son from school (called hubby and asked if he would get the little guy so I could get some sewing done. Yes, my husband rocks....) I had an order for 6 placemat's that I just needed to sew the binding on, and then I had some fleece hats to make for my friend to wear when she lost her hair from the chemo. I can not express enough how great it felt to finally sew again!!!  Sewing is so therapeutic for me, as I'm sure it is for many people. It is so rewarding to sew. To take a lonely piece of fabric, sew it to another lonely piece of fabric, cut and repeat many times, till the end result is a beautiful hand crafted item made by ME!! Don't you all feel that way?

Happy sewing everyone....

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