Saturday, January 7, 2012

1 down 4 more to go!

This morning I finished one of my four WIP. Yeah me! I still have to bind it, but that takes no time. The pattern is from one of my favorite bloggers psiquilt, Rachel Griffith. The pattern is called Pinwheel sampler and can be found HERE. I  just love, love, love how it turned out. I want to do another one in browns and mauve and cranberry colors.

 I did an all over wandering stitch on my Bernina 530. This is the first quilt that I have top stitched on my Bernina (its only about 2 months new!) I really enjoyed stippling. Although, I have to learn to relax my arms and shoulders. And I know I make some funny faces (my 11 year old said I did!) as I move the quilt around. I think that next time I will do my stipple a little wider and not so close.

On my next quilt I want to try a swirly circle pattern that I saw here on Rachel's flicker page here. I also want to do some random line top stitching too. There are just so many ways to finish a quilt. I find that it is overwhelming, trying to pick the perfect top stitch pattern for the quilt. I also get that way when picking fabric and finding the right pattern that will compliment the patter, and vis versa. Do you ever have this problem?

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