Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bloggers Choice Bundle

As I'm sure you've seen all over the bloggers internet, Quokka Quilts is hosting a giveaway sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop to create a Blogger's Choice Bundle.  WOW....The winners {there will be three!} will receive a half yard of each of the fabrics they choose for their bundles. WOW again!! Who could pass this up? Not me!! So while my kids and husband were at basketball practice, I spent some time picking out my bundle. I am pretty please with what I picked out. I did find it a little hard to find fabrics that go well together this way, as I'm a very hands on person. But over all I'm happy. 

Here are the links to the fabrics I chose...
1urban cowgirl mud cowboy shirt
2. flora tangerine paisley flower
3. curio pond camellia
4. etchings parchment script handwriting
5. flora tangerine secret windows
6. flora sunflower flower bed
7. rivoli grey curl
8. curio pumpkin heirloom
9. sophie green peas houndstooth
10. flora tangerine geometric circles
11. essential dots butterscotch
12.essential dots moss on white
13.michael miller grass cotton
14. michael miller khaki cotton
15. michael miller mermaid cotton

I wish all the bloggers out there good luck! Off to finish sewing my WIP!! Pictures to follow