Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's are for sewing

This is usually true of most Sunday's. But this weekend I have been working on painting my 11 year old son's room. He has decided that he wants it maroon with a white/grey/white stripe in the middle of the walls. So, today I am working on the first coat of the maroon. I will have pictures later once it looks less messy. Enjoy your day, and I hope you get to do some sewing.'s now 7:53pm, I'm in my Jammies, a glass of wine, some Ibuprofen, my two Boston Terriers in bed with me, the Bronco vs. Steelers are on, and the boy are not home yet....I'm exhausted. What a productive day! I started painting at 10am, and stopped at 6:05pm! But I am SO happy with the results of my son's room....
 **Grey primer on**
 **first coat of maroon**

**I'm done**

 ** for now... some touch ups need to be done**

**my so cute Boston Terrier, Sweet Caroline, was not so sweet while I painted...She had a few messes in the house, and ripped up a hat with our other Boston, Fenway!!
Here they are, Fenway the brindle male on the left. And Sweet Caroline the black female on the right. This was last night, and was how I was feeling after painting all day. Well, I feel like that again today!! So, off to bed I go...

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